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tv   News  ABC  October 15, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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lynette. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you are traveling on 795 here at cockys mill road we are dealing with construction at 695 and owes mills. here's beltway at liberty road. everything is moving along. traffic is is picking up but you are looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. the beltway will be in great shape from parkville towards towson and use the jfx to get into the city, just an 11 minute ride. no delays whatsoever to travel southbound from 695 downtown to east fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. happening today, the naacp will make an upon announcement concerning the upcoming election. linda so is here to tell us what exactly they are coming out in support of. >> reporter: about same sex marriage. naacp lead layers nouns the official support for question 6 later this afternoon which
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would legalize same sex marriage in maryland. voters will get their chance do de-- to decide on the ish in november -- issue in november. leaders of the baltimore and maryland chapters will get together in baltimore to officially support question 6. back in may, the national board of directors passed a resolution endorsing marriage equality. the maryland chapter has been involved in supporting question 6 for months now. linda so, abc2 news. we have new details about a family that died last week in a house fire that happened in northeast baltimore. a grandmother and her four grandchildren died in the fire early in the morning on thursday. this morning abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with the latest information. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, we are here in front of that burned out home that took the lives of nancy worrell and her four grandchildren. you can see here the balloons and the flowers and the cards the makeshift memorial the community put together to remember this family. now yes, we have new details
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about that family and the fire. the family says they will memorialize all five of them together at this same service. it will be held thursday morning at mount pleasant church in baltimore. now worrell was 55 years old. her grandchildren ranged in age of 1 to 7 years old. the family died early thursday morning in a house fire on denwood avenue here in northeast baltimore. meanwhile, firefighters hit the streets on sunday trying to keep other families safe. they went door to door passing out smoke detechors and neighbors were -- detectors. and neighbors were apreactive of the effort. >> -- appreciative of the effort. >> they checked this to makesure they had batteries and if i needed any they were willing to give them to me if i needed some. >> reporter: the family didn't have insurance and they are expecting dough -- accepting donations to pay for the funerals and you can donate at any bank of america branch to the nancy worrell funeral association. reporting live in northeast
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baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 5:32. what was meant to be a fun trip into the wild now has a maryland family afraid their son may not be coming home. jason and his friend are believed to be missing in montana in the glazer national park. and charley is at the live desk. the weather is not making it easier for the search. >> reporter: not at all. weather is the big factor right now in the search for the two men. jason highser who you mentioned and neal peckens of virginia. they were initially reported missing after they failed to catch a flight home from montana. this is the picture all new today. we have learned that he and pecken's vehicle was found friday and a search party of 50 people was organized on saturday. they have been combing the terrain of glacier national park but wintery weather is impeding that search. the park reports there's 18 inches of snow on the trail and cloudy conditions making it impossible for aerial searches. but this morning we have youtaken care of. if you go to the national park
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website, national park they have web cams for the glacier national park. if you want to watch the ongoing search for the guys, you can see this throughout the course of the day. once again the glacier national forest in montana. we will link you to this later at and it will be up on the website. these two men missing have been missing as soon as friday but they will look for them first light today. arlen specter is dead after a long battle with cancer. his family says that he died of complications related tononhodgekins lymphoma. he was 82. he was a liberal republicanism before switching to the democratic party in the twilight of his career. >> he was a source of justice and peace and so we honor his
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legacy. he had the most -- he had a street and strong spirit for justice around the world. >> he had overcome serious illnesses over the past two decades including a brain tumor. specter was elected in the senate in 1980 and represented pennsylvania for 30 years longer than anyone in the state's history. you hop on a plane and make it to the destination and hope you do so without turbulence or seeing ambulances on the ground when you land. passengers on u.s. airways flight from pam at that to phoenix landed in new mexico because the windshield cracked. >> once we touched down it was scarier seeing the windshield and knowing we touched down in what could have been. >> the passengers were reported to be okay. u.s. airways sent another plane to bring the passengers onto phoenix. you want to make sure your kids are safe especially when they are playing outside right near your home.
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so for many parents, this sign may make sense. it reads warning, you hit my kid, you will be shot. phillip was tired of the speeding cars that went past his house and he says the threat ofviolence is not real but it does get drivers attention. >> it's an extreme message why so extreme. >> i rather you cover a sign a 4 foot ladder versus a tragic incident you know to where somebody lose as child. >> when the sign is out he says drivers do slow down to 25-mile- per-hour speed limit. he adds that he and his wife have not received a lot of support from neighbors. so they have received a lot of support from neighbors and are tired of seeing the drivers speed past their homes. a oregon boy and his grandmother almost died when the house explodes. >> but the quick thinking and brave 12-year-old saved both himself and his grandma. >> grandma lit a cigarette but
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didn't know the room she was in was filled with propane gas. seth and his grandmother rose were the only ones at home watching tv when she lit the significant rit and -- cigarette and there was a huge explosion. >> my grandmother was on fire. >> your grandmother was on fire. >> i put -- she was on fire a little bit but when i walked it went out and i carried her outside and set her on the ground and then i went next door neighbor and said call the ambulance. >> you can see he is recovering from his injuries. paramedics did rush both to the oregon burn center. grandma is in serious condition. but she is alive and expected to stay that way. >> news time 5:37. it's been more than 60 years since chuck yeager became the fastest person to fly. >> stay with us this morning. we will take you to a special event remembering that flight and we will tell you who was along for the ride. >> it's been weeks since the recall affecting peanut butter you may have. this morning that recall is expanding due to throughout of
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more peanut contamination.
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this weekend supersonic sky dive coincide with the day chuck yeager was the first man
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to break the sound barrier so he decided to do it again sunday along for the ride in the air along the air force f- 15 the 89-year-old hit 1.4, 65 years to the minute yeager originally broke the sound barrier going past 670 miles an hour. the fighter jet was flown by an air force captain benson to commemorate the record set in 1947. chuck yeager rode in the seat behind him. time for a check on your weather with meteorologist lynette charles. she will let you know what you face as you head out the door this morning. >> you are facing mild temperatures. not so bad in terms of temperatures and not wet weather as of now. but as the kids come home from school, that's when we have the chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. some could be on the severe side. but we are taking mainly in southern maryland for today. temperatures on the bus right around 63 degrees. nice and mild. and by this afternoon, still quite warm. 71 degrees. we will need the rain gear as you step home from school today. but all in all, we will see
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improving conditions. but, right now, satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. plenty of cloud cover across the sky. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are headed out on 95 in white marsh there are no problems to report right now. the northeast corridor is in great shape. looking at a 15-minute or 14 minute ride to downtown. 695 there are no concerns traveling from parkville to towson and 83, this is what it looks like north of 695. everything is moving along. no delays whatsoever. 11 minutes. a at this . cap ride southbound from the belt -- typical ride southbound from the beltway to the downtown. now over to you. after almost a year on the front lines of a soldiers they are home. >> to the nation's capital for the emotional eunion to -- reunion for the men and their family. a dang rows form of a flesh
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sensational relief. a very special homecoming for a maryland teen who almost lost her life to that flesh eating bacteria we heard more and more about. linda so is here with the details. her classmates gave hear really big surprise didn't they.
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>> reporter: they did. they he crowned her homecoming princess this weekend. alexis was hospitalized with a rare strain of flesh eating bacteria after injuring her leg while playing in a lake. alexis had to endure 18 surgeries to get rid of the infection but this weekend, she was well enough to go back to school and be crowned princess and to go to the homecoming dance at walt whitman high school in bethesda. >> it was amazing to be crowned and i am guessing since i've been away so long they just wanted me to know that i am still included in the school. i can't explain how much that means to me. >> reporter: a strong girl. because of the surgeries she lost the ability to bend and flex her toes. she can't walk without wearing that brace which she will likely have to wear for the rest of her life. linda so, abc2 news. we have consumer news about a peanut butter recall.
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it's now expanding. the sunland corporation is pulling raw and roasted peanuts off the shelves this because of salmonella concerns. so far 35 people have become ill because of that strand that eye dent -- that was identified at the processing plant in new mexico. members of the dc army national guard whether re-- were reunited with their families. and it was better because they came home from afghanistan two months early. >> it was almost like a dream. but it's over. >> the race. [audio not understandable] i miss everybody. i miss my wife and love her. >> love you too. >> happy to be home. those soldiers are excited to be back with their families. and they can't wait to have a real american meal. they operated out of the bagram air base. five things to know as you med out this morning. the stage being set for the second presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney
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will square off tomorrow night at hofstra university in new york. major topics will be foreign and domestic policy. >> hearings begin in the case against the captain of the coasta concordia cruise ship. he is accused of steering the boat too close to shore and has not been formally charged. 32 people died when the ship hit rocks capsizing in january. pretrial hearing today for five men charged in the september 11th terrorists attack. families of the 9/11 victims are invited to army bases in several states including here in maryland to watch the hearings. the sessions in cuba are closed to the public. the female activist shot in the head is headed away for treatment. she was shot last week while she was riding home in a school van. she was vocal supporter of women's rights in pakistan. 5:48. microsoft operating system has been a treat for music lovers.
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you can pick from millions of songs and stream them for free on windows. this is windows 8. the down side is you have a bit -- to get through a bid bit of audio for 15 minutes. keeping your pearly whites clean is important but as you get older especially over 62 you can get it for free. baltimore city community college is offering free preventive care for seniors. x-rays and or a oral cancer exam. you nude to make an appointment and you have to call the school's dental hygiene clinic at 462-7712. we will post all the information online if you missed it at so i guess you can say don't stop believe in love. >> you are not going to sing it? >> no. >> come on. well, it's a special proposalled a the journey -- at the journey concert last night. turns out the guitarist pulled
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his girlfriend you might remember her the white house crashing fame on stage and proposed to her. she ran to him with open arms and another journey reference and said yes she would be forever his faithfully. >> wasn't she a redskins cheerleader. >> she said she was. the concert was a benefit for johns hopkins cancer center and something exciting happened. she is not going to be a salahi. >> she is doing that victory lap. she says i am going to take you to the cleaners. >> oh. >> she still married? >> to the other guy. >> yeah. >> he reported her -- i guess not but anyway let's talk about the weather. >> hey. all right. we are going to talk about the weather right now. and we are going to be dealing with wet weather going into the afternoon guys. so hopefully you brought your rain gear and you won't be able to get back home and get it
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because the wet weather is coming courtesy of a cold front working off towards the east. behind that, high pressure is going to be building in. so tomorrow we will be seeing plenty of sunshine return to the area. but in the meantime, we have that warm flow coming up from the south and west. southwesterly breezes kicking up this morning. 14-mile-an-hour sustained winds in easton along the eastern shore and we are 8 and 9 in dc and baltimore. right now, with all the clouds out there, temperatures are on the mild side. 65 from edgemere to cambridge and good morning edge waiter at -- edgewater at 64. tropical storm rafael. looking healthy. to the north of puerto rico it will slide towards the north and east away from bermuda. but they have tropical storm watches across the area as of now. our future trend brings showers in here going into lunchtime for today. and beyond. and then on the backside of that cold front, we are going to be seeing pleasant weather across the area.
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for today, i am going 71. and it's going to be breezy and warm with gradual clearing and cooling by tonight. and tomorrow's temperature 65 degrees. mostly sunny and cooler. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic. >> reporter: looking toward to the warm temperatures tomorrow. traveling in anne arundel county interstate 97 is nice and clear. no problems traveling down to route 50 or traveling north up towards 695. and here's what 95 looks like downtown at 395. everything moving right along. you will want to watch out for a disabled car on 95 andn catonsville along the northbound lanes at the beltway. pulling up drive times, 695 is in great shape traveling the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. that stretch will stake you 11 minutes. congestion is picking up on the west side. you are looking at a 13-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. firefighters have to try and try again to get a baby
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deer trapped in a canal. >> if they thought it was going to be easy they were wrong. we will tell you how they managed to save the little guy. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee?
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rescuing people and cute baby deer, not so much. >> not so much. but that's what firefighters in sacramento, california found when they got called out to a canal. look at this a deer was swimming back and forth in the water with no way of getting out. firefighters jumped in a raft and tried to catch the little guy but every time they got close the baby would swm away. after an hour of chasing them they got to the canal and they roped him in and finally put him to shore. >> i am just real impressed with everyone that they came out and put the effort fort to rescue the deer. it's great. >> they tranquilized him to check him out for injuries and released him into the wild. you probably seen them before. the notices in the mail they say you won $3 million. >> yeah a scam taking money from hundreds of marylanders. the attorney general's office is taking on the scammers. >> a popular snack that turns your fingers orange. a teacher is not a fan. why she is saying no to cheatos.
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you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. we still don't know what started a house fire that killed four and their grandmother butwe know how family and friends will say bye. we will tell you how the community is helping out. >> you know how you will vote on question six. we are getting closer and close tortes election day and today


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